About Us

Our company, BAT-CELL, has been in the market since 2012. It has been created as a response to the growing demand for full-scale engineering services in the field of environment protection (the toxic influence of gas mixtures on human health evaluation). We focus on professional design, engineering and problem solving related to fluid flow modelling (gas and liquid). We cooperate with a range of experts and specialists across numerous fields of technical study, as well as various laboratories, to provide you with consultancy services, expertise and product problem solving of the highest standard.

On top of our services we also have on offer a selection of gas sampling devices used in toxicological evaluation (series of apparatus for bio-ambient testing: Bat-Cell Bio-Ambient-Tests), devices  for chemical analysis (suction apparatus for sampling), as well as a selection of accessories. Having a long list of professional and vastly experienced contractors at our disposal, we design and make devices to order.