Our services include:

  • complex toxicological evaluation of gas mixtures, using unique methodology with the application of in-vitro testing, chemical analysis and model testing (air circulation, ventilation system efficiency), in enclosed environments such as:
    • living accommodations
    • office spaces
    • vehicle interiors
    • production rooms
    • work places
    • full scale engineering designing with the use of CAD/CAM
    • flow modelling for  various installations, process optimisation and device efficiency improvement with the use of CFD
    • toxicological evaluation of exhaust gases coming from various emission sources
    • taking on, evaluation and optimisation of various specialist engineering projects
    • environment impact assessment
    • product and engineering services rating in terms of innovativeness as well as implementation of innovative solutions to existing products and services
    • range of expert opinions and arbitration
    • training in the fields of flow modelling, chromatographic analysis and waste management.

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